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chrono _ DEUTSCH

october 06 -

starting to think in free dimensions
i will get the national grant for fine arts for 2007

i might knot a hammock out of umbilical cords


november 06 -

first apply @ netznetz.net

data exchange will be supported

january 07 -

first trip to sinai, first request for umbilicalcords of their sheeps

habl suri (umbilical cord) is translated in arabic as the secret string
the bedouinwomen believe the soul is seated inside of habl suri.
they suggest me to buy a flock to get the umbilical cords on my own responsibility.

one woman named aida is into umbilicalcord trading. all the others dont want to do it.

team: barbara husar, luc gross, ulrike hauser

february - march 07

second trip

getting my first umbilical cords. 7 pieces.

exchanging them with a golden ring and tarpaulins.

acquirement of my flock

naefte is living on her own deep inside of the mountains.
because of her high age and being without family she will sell me 5 goats.
actually 6, but one took the wolf in the night of our deal.

my little flock is moved within 2 daytrips on the trailer to shepherdess amma nassra

amma nassra is very happy about the flock accession
she will collect the umbilical cords and sundry them for me, till i come back.

team: barbara husar, michael lampert (cinematographer), milena gartler (dolmetch), la lee lena (lyrics)

april - may 07 -

editing datas

data exchange - offroad on umbilical track
36 min / dv / 2007 / A

directed by barbara anna husar
cinematographer: luc gross, michael lampert
editing: martin muehlburger (fraulein mueller&soehne), christian gangl
offroadlyrics: la lee lena

offroad on umbilical track

data exchange - 88 pages, atelier lichtwellenbad, vienna 2007

published and illustrated by barbara anna husar
offroadlyrics: la lee lena
texts: berndt ender, milena gartler, luc gross, simone hoeller,
rudi huebl, diether lenhart, stefan lutschinger, tobias noebauer, stefania pitscheider soraperra, paul szechenyi
layout: michael lampert


fotoedition - data exchange_phase07 / 16 pieces, in emblementbag, 2007

edition phase07

june - july 07 -

exhibition in kunstraum englaenderbau / vaduz / liechtenstein (FL)

curated by stefania pitscheider soraperra

for the first time process data exchange is on show / on 400qm "

november 07 -

netznetz submission / vienna

data exchange will be supported again

december 07 -

radius of data exchange process is expanding

aspects of anthropology rising

a laptop i brought is now used from a bedouin to document their knowledge about the healing herbs of their area.
for 08 we want to activate the waterquality of some oasis with effective microorganisms.
i will bring a solarcharger for the women to empower their position.

dr.manfred kremser (head of the institute for culture and social anthropology, university vienna) will acompany the process from now on.

data exchange
MAK-nite, 29.januar 2008

installation und screening : offroad on umbilical track

museum of applied arts / vienna



premiere MAK vienna

february - march 08

3rd journey to sinai



team: barbara husar, milena gartler (dolmetch), marlies moederndorfer (visuelle anthrophologie)

we are joining amma nassra with my little flock on her way through the wadis. 3 little babygoats are born into my flock. umbilicalcords are not the subject. when i was asking her for them, the blitheful bedouinwoman explained, that she did not really understand our agreement from last year.it took us a lot of sensitivity to come back to data exchange subject. from now on she will collect the cords and sundry them for me, even she is not feeling comfortable with it. she will not tell anybody about it.
even aida did not expect me to come back and ask again for habl suri. unfortunately she was not able to exchange any,even she is having 10 very young goats with her. but she promised, that she will keep the next ones. like she did it in the year before, because she knows now, that i am coming back for sure. and i pay 100 pounds per cord (around 13 euros)
from amira, a bedouinwomen from mzina tribe i got 2 umbilical cords.

lots of cultural datas we collected on this habl suri track. the cords are opening a wide communication field with the guardians of old nomadic tradition.

over 50 hours on mini-dv tapes,
15 hours sound, predominantly traditional music and 6500 photos we brought back to vienna.


march-may08 / selecting datas, filtering...


silvercord *

for the exhibition zeugaortaplacentatas in gallery konzett i designed the textileobject SILVERCORD


just like the umbilical cord leads to life, the lifelong existing energetic silvercord, also called silvery umbilical cord, as a connection between material and spiritual body, separates in the moment of death and stays in the fine-material realm till the possibility of incarnation raises.

gallery konzett, vienna

umbilicalcord of a desertgoat _ beaten gold _ 2008

july 08 / GOATPILL

goatpill *

substance for intercultural dialogue

the goatpill is informationmedically activated with the umbilical cords of my flock
sublingual consumption of the umbilical powder is generating connection to a desertgoat.


first intervention --> blumefestival www.blume.tv / july 08

premiere vof astralsculpture --> KUB, kunsthaus bregenz / okctober08

july 08 / astralsculpture



A 2008 / DV / 28:14 min

an experimental approach to the flow of information and a hammock out of umbilicalcords

directed by barbara husar

cinematographer: christian gangl, michael lampert, marlies moederndorfer

montage: doris schmid

translation,sound and rhythmic intervention: milena gartler
performative intervention: nicole bickel
photography und originalgraphic: barbara husar

ASTRALSKULPTUR premiere --> 10. oktober
framed within intercultural dialogue --> KUB

kunsthaus bregenz

from nov 14 the film is shown in sammlung essl in klosterneuburg within the show AUSTRIAconTEMPORARY

artist special --> goatpill and bookpresentation : ASTRALSCULPTURE 28.1.2009 / 19h,

sammlung essl

publication --> astralsculpture *

in january 09 i won the


with the awardmoney i bought a sony hdr-fx 1000,
to document and finance further steps of data exchange process

i got informed that the bedouinwomen were talking a lot about the project. they were sundrying umbilical cords for me, additional to the ones of my flock. it seems that they are into the deal now.


february till march 2009

tending my flock and collecting umbilical cords
data exchange - phase 09

team: barbara husar, luc gross, jennifer wille

32 umbilical cords

1 dead wolf

data exchange - phase 09 *

barbara husar
luc gross
jennifer wille

atelier35 / bucarest / ro

view pics of the exhibition
25.5. - 17.6. 2009


wants to be born

the textlines i devellop with my mixing console
( more than 500 stamps i count for now )

medulla ossium und ziegenbock *

originalgraphics of barbara husar around the genesis of her new film
ortner2 / judith ortner /
vienna / at
1.7. - 14.8. 2009

medulla spinalis *

filmscreening at gallery konzett, spiegelgasse 21, 1010 wien
30.july 2009

19h :: Offroad on umbilical track, 2007

20h :: Astralsculpture, 2008

21h :: PREVIEW --> Rawcut : CORE OF FLOCK, 2009

Bernadette Stummer will talk about the films

data exchange _ phase 09

CORE OF FLOCK / 62min / HDV / 2009


download kunststrom

barbara husar

bookpresentation and vernissage: 19.1.2010 19h

ortner2 / vienna

exhibition KUNSTSTROM:
20.01. - 27.02.2010

data exchange - phase010 *

being with my herd and collecting umbilicalcords of desertgoats

desert of sinai

till middle of march

79 umbilicalcords
5 gorillas

april / may 010
preparing journeydatas "

flock of spiralgalaxies *

including screening -> offroad on umbilical track and astralsculpture

barbara anna husar

african comics studio / the godown art center / nairobi / kenia / ke

27.07. - 17.08. 2010

golden umbilicalcord and golden brush goin shanghai


premiere CORE OF FLOCK

barbara anna husar

stageBACK / shanghai / chn

06.10.2010 - 29.11.2010

2011 Data Exchange trip was canceled because of poltical circumstances

2011 being teached by the umbilical cords how to be channel

Cross Creatures *

2011 shows >
Ich huete meine Himmelskoerper / Galerie Eugen Lendl / Graz *
Himmel und Herde / Galerie Lisi Haemmerle / Art Bodensee *
herding silhouettes / Galerie Lisi Haemmerle / CUTLOG / Paris *
2012 shows >
URFORM ungezaehmt / Judith Ortner / Ortner2 / Wien *
Blue Camel / Naturgalerie / Lech am Arlberg *
Alte Meister , Dinosaurier und Meteorite , Naturhistorisches Museum Wien *

March 2012 / Data Exchange Trip

data exchange - phase012 *

being with my flock / collecting umbilicalcords / desert of sinai

team: barbara husar / elvira haeusler

69 umbilicalcords
1 golden donkey


april / may 012
working on data from there...

data exchange - phase012 *

Weltbild Reliquie / Galerie Konzett / Art Bodensee *
Cross Creatures Garden / Filmarchiv Austria / Wien *
den Fluss hüten / Vienna Art Week / Galerie Lisi H&äuml;mmerle / Wien *

HIRTIN / Edition Jannink / Paris *

shepherding the flow / VIENNA ART WEEK / book presentation / Barbara Anna Husar : l `art en écrit HIRTIN / November 2012*

Realitätsgrad Kosmischer Körper *
erste Ausgabe der nonlinearen Reihe / January 2013download *

Data Exchange _ Phase 2013 / Februar-März 2013

being with my flock / collecting umbilicalcords / southsinai

team: barbara husar / jeremias soell

data exchange - phase013 *



12c Raum fuer Kunst, Schnifis / A

> Nabelschnüre aus mobilen Gesellschaftsformen *

ein Vortrag von Barbara Anna Husar

Soziale Utopien Ja und Jetzt / Symposium von Paul Renner zur Metapher des Bienenstocks (A)


Zuckerlfabrik, Wien / A


Shepherding prototype : Barbara Anna Husar

Chodovska Tvrz / Prag / Cz

>>> *

> Filme von Barbara Husar *

Lange Nacht der Museen

Frauenmuseum Hittisau ( A )

Die aus Feldkirch stammende Künstlerin Barbara Anna Husar entwickelt waehrend zahlreicher Reisen in die Wüste Sinai den umfangreichen Werkkomplex "Data Exchange". Sie arbeitet in unterschiedlichen Medien - Zeichnung, Installation, Skulptur, Animation, Fotografie und Performance. In ihren Filmen finden sie zu einer schlüssigen Synthese.

> Viennafair *

Shortlist of Happiness Award

> Parallel Vienna 2013 *

Reisend, Ziegenherden hütend, webt BARBARA ANNA HUSAR seit Jahren ein Netz aus organischen Verknüpfungen, zwischen Kulturen, Zeiten, Tier und Mensch, Herde und Individuum, versieht diese mit bio-logisch poetischen Bezeichnungen, spielt in multimedialer Weise mit Urarten von Zusammenhang - von grellfarbigen Dinausauriern, fein gebogenen Fritteusen, zu bestempelten Zeichnungen und Reisefotos, in Experimentalfilmen oder Büchern gebündelt. Ein Material-Gedanke durchzieht dabei das Werk: die Nabelschnur. Der Inbegriff eines CORPO PIU GRANDE wird über fliessende Eigenschaften erfasst und mündet noch dieses Jahr in eine Hängematte aus Nabelschnüren. Evolutive Codes changieren zwischen Archaik und aktuellen Möglichkeitsräumen. Im Rahmen von PARALLEL zeigt BARBARA ANNA HUSAR Auszüge ihrer multimedialen Organismen mit Schwerpunkt Graphik.


Schaufenster - designsfiction / Berlin / D

zweite Ausgabe der nonlinearen Reihe
Kosmischer KÖrper / Am Rumpf des Weltalls brüten *

Am Rumpf des Weltalls brüten / Breeding on the Hull of the Universe *

Kunstverein Ulm / Ulm / D

26.1. - 23.3. 2014


Frauenmuseum Hittisau / Hittisau / A

30.4. - 6. 6. 2014

the hammock became unexpectedly alive ...

Pavillon Autrichien a la Biennale de Dakar WIE - DKR ( Wie in Dakar ) * JEEP GOLD



Maison Culture Douta Seck / Dakar / SN

30.5. - 6. 6. 2014

since beginning of june 2014 i m working on the final step of this performance


umbilical cords from desertgoats on their interconnecting way into new being

CRADLE OF ESTUARY , born on 18th of August 2014

>>> connecting the cords >>>


9-12 2014

Zuckerlfabrik, Wien

>>> youtube >>>

>>> detail >>>

frequencies of oil and the cradle of estuary


> > > > >


from the desert of Sinai into a cave atop vienna

> > > > >

Body of Dock / Verbindungskoerper

Am Turm,Wien

> > > > >


For nine months this golden egg was in an earth gallery atop Vienna between two rubber dinghy's. Inside the golden egg, the CRADLE OF ESTUARY was embedded. CRADLE OF ESTUARY is a hammock made with the umbilical cords of goats from the archaic Sinai desert by the shepherdess and artist Barbra Anna Husar. She collected the life leading strings for 7 years and was connecting the cords in 2014 in the Candyfactory Vienna. Between 10.01.2015 and 08.10.2015 the hammock was in the cave. From there it was transported to the top of a tower in Vienna West, where a bolt of lightening made of umbilical cords is now in the making.

> > > > >

Bodies of Dock / Verbindungskoerper

Am Turm,Wien

January 2016

> > > > >

february 2016

shepherding resonances of the cradle

- in the making of a lightening with umbilical cords

dating up my presence in the digital sands ...

>>>>> >>>>> all dataexchange videos >>>>> >>>>>

>>>>> >>>>> the cradle inbetween desertsands and towerconcrete >>>>> >>>>>

further NEWS of documents of dataexchange *

barbara anna husar